About me

I am married with two children. My wife is a journalist. I work in IT company developing software for Erste Group. I have been designing and developing banking information system based on Oracle database system since 1996.

I love my work. I've loved computers and programming since I met them first time in my life in my early teens, and later when my hobby became to be my job, I didn't have any time for other hobbies. I like to read historical books and I am interested in history of my family. I usually play squash at least once a week and so the lack of exercise here is a real issue for me.

I live in a North West part of the Carpathian Basin near to town Dunajská Streda in a little village. I am originally from Galanta, where I had been living for more than twenty years. Since my marriage we had been living with my wife in Dunajská Streda for more than ten years, when we decided to live in the countryside and we moved to Blažov.

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